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Book Chapter
Introduction to the Generalized Method of Moments Estimation
Cambridge University Press
Generalized method of moments estimation
Harris, D., & Mátyás L. 1999
Long memory processes: theory and applications
Institute for Economic Analysis
Hornok, A., Mátyás L., & Szalka G. 1999
Journal Article
Organizational restructuring in response to changes in information-processing technology
Review of Economic Design
Cukrowski, J., & Baniak A. 1999
Working Paper
Stability of Monetary Unions: Lessons from the Break-up of Czechoslovakia
Institute for Advanced Studies
Fidrmuc, J., & Horváth J. 1999
Journal Article
Stability of monetary unions: lessons from the break-up of Czechoslovakia
Journal of Comparative Economics
Fidrmuc, J., & Horváth J. 1999
Journal Article
Technical Paper: Privatization in Russia offers lessons for others
Center for International Private Enterprise
Economic Reform Today
Earle, J. S. 1999
Working Paper
The disinflationary effects of German shocks in Europe: cointegration analysis
Southern Illinois University
Horváth, J., Kandil M., & Sharma S. 1999
Journal Article
The May 1997 currency crisis in the Czech Republic
Post-Communist Economies
Horváth, J. 1999
Journal Article
Understanding mass privatization in Romania: opportunities and cautions for investors
The Stockholm Report on Transition
Earle, J. S., & Telegdy Á. 1999
Understanding wage arrears in Russia
Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics and East European Economies
Earle, J. S., & Sabirianova K. Z. 1999
Unilateral spillovers between east and west and quality competition
Open Society Institute - Regional Publishing Center
Baniak, A. 1999
Working Paper
Changes in the Implicit Debt Burden of the Hungarian Social Security System
A cigány népesség Magyarországon : Dokumentáció és adattár
Kertesi, G., & Kézdi G. 1998
Aggregation and unit roots in economic time series
Hornok, A., & Mátyás L. 1998
Journal Article
Az önbevalláson alapuló kereseti adatok érvényessége.
Közgazdasagi Szemle
Kézdi, G. 1998
Book review
The Break-up of Czechoslovakia: an In-depth Economic Analysis
Reviews the book: “The Break-up of Czechoslovakia: an In-depth Economic Analysis,” by Dedek, Oldrich et al., Aldershot: Avebury, 1996.
Horváth, J., & Fidrmuc J. 1998
Working Paper
Currency crisis in the Czech Republic in May 1997
Horváth, J. 1998
Working Paper
Exchange rate regimes in the transition economies : case study of the Czech Republic: 1990 – 1997
Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung
Horváth, J., & Jonas J. 1998
Book Chapter
Foglalkoztatás és keresetek a közszférában
Társadalmi riport 1998
Kézdi, G. 1998
Journal Article
Growth convergence: some panel data evidence
Applied Economics
Lee, M., Longmire R., Mátyás L., & Harris M. 1998
Information processing in decision-making : effects of technological change on efficient structures
Open Society Institute - Regional Publishing Center
Baniak, A., & Cukrowski J. 1998
Journal Article
Investigations into the macroeconomic interdependence of Western Europe: Is there evidence for two-tier Europe?
Journal of Quantitative Economics
Horváth, J., & Sharma S. C. 1998
Journal Article
Long-term unemployment, social assistance and labor market policies in Romania
Empirical Economics
Earle, J. S., & Pauna C. 1998
Journal Article
Misspecified heterogeneity in panel data models
Statistical Papers
Mátyás, L., & Blanchard P. 1998
Journal Article
On the European monetary system: the spillover effects of German shocks and disinflation
Applied Economics
Horváth, J., Kandil M., & Sharma S. C. 1998