Publications of Kosović, Nikola

Contemporary Disputes between Serbia and Croatia: Roots and Perspectives

In this paper, the author analyzes contemporary disputes between Serbia and Croatia, their roots and perspectives. The Balkan Peninsula has been one of the most unstable regions in the world, which resulted in many severe wars over the last hundred years. Due to these wars, many countries still have unresolved issues one with another that not only influence their politics now, but also threat to have negative consequences for these countries’ future. The article first sets to explain the historical roots of contemporary disputes and then observes the future of relations between Serbia and Croatia through the paradigm of several serious contemporary issues: territorial (border) dispute near the Danube river, accusations of genocide, refugees and minority rights. All these misunderstandings could in the future influence primarily Serbia’s road towards the European Union, but also the stability of the region, which is why they need deeper understanding. The author also provides his recommendations of the best ways to resolve these issues and therefore contribute to further normalization of relations between Serbia and Croatia.