Publications of Dzafic, Dana

Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the European Union: Time to Prioritize

In this paper I will analyze the factors behind the absence of progress in the process of European Union (EU) integrations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). As shown in the last three general reports made by the European Commission for the countries of the Western Balkans, BiH is ranked last in the region. Such a negative result is mostly due to the missing implementation of the Sejdiþ-Finci verdict made before the European Court for Human Rights, but also to a continuous incompetence of the ruling political elites to provide answers for the demands of its people, demands that take into account elementary social and equality rights and standards. The paper analyses current partocratic structures embodied in the Bosnian political system which imply that the lack of political will-power of its main figures to negotiate compromise and secure stability and prosperity for all citizens of BiH is anti-politics per se with just one goal, which is to maintain position in governmental offices through a corrupt and obsolete oligarchic mechanism that thrives on blunt discrimination. Is EU’s mellow attitude helping in reproducing political crisis? Will BiH perhaps be left to rely solely on alternative ways of community organizing as shown in the recent months through the plenums? In order to succeed, BiH society must prioritize. The paper concludes with a call for creation of a new definition of politics based on participatory democracy and a strong need for firm engagement in the process.