A Presidential Initiative on Information Policy. Number 7

TitleA Presidential Initiative on Information Policy. Number 7
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsShattuck, J., and M. M. Spence
Journal titleReport: ED324022. 46pp.

Two trends have inhibited the development of information and ideas, which are vital resources in a modern technological society, First, the Federal Government is engaged in efforts to control the flow of scientific and technical information (STI) to make it less accessible to foreign competitors and hostile nations. Second, the role of government in collecting, maintaining, and publishing information has been curtailed because of reduced federal spending on information resources. The President's policy agendas should include an initiative on information policy with special programs focusing on science, the economy, and national security. The following elements would be included in such an initiative: (1) a review of the system for classifying information; (2) a review of export controls and related restrictions on the communication of unclassified STI; (3) steps to give Congress and the public time to comment on proposed executive orders and national security directives; (4) interagency deliberations to develop guidelines that protect against undue government control over the content and conclusions of federally sponsored research; (5) actions to limit the role of the Office of Management and Budget; (6) revisions in the Freedom of Information Act to facilitate access to government information; and (7) authorization for the Secretary of Defense to curb inappropriate secrecy in agency budgets. (SD)


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