Militant democracy

TitleMilitant democracy
Publication TypeBook
EditorSajó, A.
PublisherEleven International Publishing
Place of PublicationUtrecht

321.8 321.8 Saj; edited by András Sajó. 52 cm. Contents: Constituting the enemy: a response to Carl Schmitt / David Dyzenhaus -- Shaping militant democracy: legal limits to democratic stability / Otto Pfersman -- The limits of liberal pluralism: towards an agonistic multipolar world order / Chantal Mouffe -- Political parties' right to engage in politics: variations on a theme of democracy / Gregory Tardi -- The learning sovereign / Günther Frankerberg -- The new regulation of political parties in Spain, and the decision to Outlaw Batasuna / Víctor Ferreres Comella -- Disqualification of lists and parties: the Israeli case / Mordechai Kremnitzer -- Anti-terrorism and militant democracy: some Western and Eastern responses / Kent Roach -- Military democracy and transition towards democracy / András Sajó -- Appendix: Militant democracy and Fundamental rights, I, II, / Karl Loewenstein.

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