Governmental and Oppositional Populism: Competition and Division of Labor

TitleGovernmental and Oppositional Populism: Competition and Division of Labor
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsEnyedi, Z., and Daniel Rona
EditorsWolinetz, Stephen, and Andrej Zaslove
Book TitleAbsorbing the Blow: The Impact of Populist Parties on European Party Systems
PublisherECPR Press
Place of PublicationColchester
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The significance of populist parties and their presence in party systems is undeniable. Parties like the Dutch Freedom Party, the French National Front, and the Five Star Movement in Italy rank among the largest political parties in their party systems. Absorbing the Blow examines the effect of populist parties on eleven European party systems. The results are mixed. The book finds that impact often depends on the influence that populist parties have had on mainstream political parties -- those that hitherto dominated party competition. In some instances, populist parties reinforce existing patterns of competition and government formation. Party systems that were bipolar continue to be bipolar. In others change occurs, either because populist parties make it difficult for mainstream parties to form coalitions that were hitherto possible, or because their presence allows mainstream parties to form coalitions that were not previously conceivable. This collection seeks to analyse the way in which mainstream parties absorb the blow of populist party activity, and concludes that populist parties are one of several factors contributing to changes in party systems.

Department of Political Science
Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations