EUA Funding Forum: ‘Strategies for efficient funding of universities’. Forum report

TitleEUA Funding Forum: ‘Strategies for efficient funding of universities’. Forum report
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsMatei, L.
Date Published10/2014
InstitutionEuropean University Association

The report provides an account of the 2nd EUA Funding Forum, its main findings, conclusions, and recommendations. For a sense of perspective, the report includes short comparative references to the first edition of the Forum.
The EUA Funding Forum is an initiative launched in 2012. It represents a unique, inclusive platform aimed at all higher education funding stakeholders. The 2nd EUA Funding Forum was hosted by the University of Bergamo on 9-10 October 2014. 250 participants from 35 countries attended. They included university leaders, administrators, higher education researchers, representatives of student organisations, public authorities (from the local, national, and European levels), funding agencies and organizations, and privatesector partners.
The central topic of this edition of the Forum was strategies for efficient funding of
universities. This topic was chosen considering the current context of enhanced competition
for public resources and changing funding modalities.
The main conclusions and recommendations of the 2nd EUA Funding Forum summarised in
this report refer to (1) characteristics of the current period in Europe with regard to funding of
higher education, and (2) how to elaborate efficient strategies for funding.

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