Why Rigidity?

TitleWhy Rigidity?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsBen-Yami, H.
EditorsBerg, J.
Book TitleNaming, Necessity, and More: Explorations in the Philosophical Work of Saul Kripke
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Publisher linkhttp://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/naming-necessity-and-more-jonathan-berg/?K=9781137400925

In Naming and Necessity Kripke argues ‘intuitively’ that names are rigid. Unlike Kripke, Ben-Yami first introduces and justifies the Principle of the Independence of Reference (PIR), according to which the reference of a name is independent of what is said in the rest of the sentence containing it. Ben-Yami then derives rigidity, or something close to it, from the PIR. Additional aspects of the use of names and other expressions in modal contexts, explained by the PIR but not by the rigidity claim, are then discussed. Ben-Yami next examines a difficulty in accepted definitions of rigidity, stemming from the fact that the same name can be used to name different particulars. This difficulty might force us to adopt a revised form of the rigidity claim.

Department of Philosophy
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