Practicing Interdisciplinarity in Gender Studies

TitlePracticing Interdisciplinarity in Gender Studies
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsDemény, Enikő, Veronica Vasterling, Clare Hemmings, Holm, Ulla M, Päivi Korvajärvi, and Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou
PublisherRaw Nerve Books
Place of PublicationYork

Gender studies is one of a series of booklets that present conversations and reflections on feminist issues within a trans-European academic context. Each booklet is written by a different group of academics from across Europe. They have one thing in common: a passionate interest in teaching and feminist politics. Building on this, the authors adress specific issues generated by the national and disciplinary boundaries of women's and gender studies. Using varied collaborative methods they highlight the tensions, pleasures and responsibilities of developing an effective and radical feminist pedagogy that attempts to be truly European. The writers are 'interested in imagining a shared vocabulary' to interrogate and activate the concept of interdisciplinary, an iconic and troubling mode within feminist academia.

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