The Alternative Media Handbook

TitleThe Alternative Media Handbook
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsCoyer, K., T. Dowmunt, and A. Fountain
Place of Publicationew York

'Alternative Media' is the term used to describe non-mainstream media forms that are independently run and community focussed, such as zines, pirate radio, online discussion boards, community run and owned broadcasting companies, and activist publications such as Red Pepper and Corporate Watch. The book outlines the different types of 'alternative media' and offers an overview of global alternative media activity, before moving on to provide information about alternative media production and how to get involved in it, including: "What is Alternative Media?", "Alternative media in practice", "Making media", and "Getting involved". This book will primarily appeal to students studying media freedom, alternative media, media globalization and media production as well as anyone wishing to embark on a career in this field.

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Center for Media, Data and Society