Media and Global Civil Society

TitleMedia and Global Civil Society
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsDencik, L.
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan

Much analysis and hope in both academia and political rhetoric currently rests on ideas of deliberation and post-national democratic practices – the roots of a 'global civil society'. This has taken force as not just an analysis of social and political change, but as a normative project. This book has grown out of concern with how changes in media are influencing democratic function and politics in our global age. Lina Dencik argues that counter to much discussion, the very notion of a global civil society needs to be subjected to rigorous critique, given so much of the debate is based on an implicit (and problematic) account of changing conditions, not least within the media. Bridging the gap between different literatures across disciplines and presenting new empirical data on key sites of news production, the book provides a fresh and critical approach to the topical debate on media, globalization and social and political change.

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Center for Media, Data and Society