The Spirit of the Place: From Mauthausen to MoMA

TitleThe Spirit of the Place: From Mauthausen to MoMA
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsGyörgy, P.
PublisherCenter for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS), distributed by CEU Press
Place of PublicationBudapest

In this extraordinary book, professor Péter György, Head of the Doctoral Program in Film, Media and Contemporary Culture at ELTE University's Institute for Fine Art and Media Theory, "takes us on a fascinating journey into the often unsettling and shadowy worlds of public memory and memorializing in Europe and the United States of America," writes Sharon Macdonald, University of Manchester. "His dazzling and insightful readings of museums, monuments, libraries and other memory-spaces, force us to rethink many contemporary orthodoxies about recollective practices, cultural heritage and the very relationship between past, present and future."

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