Women Integration & Prison

TitleWomen Integration & Prison
Publication TypeBook
EditorAssociation, SURT, Noelia Igareda, and Marta Cruells
PublisherAurea Editores
Place of PublicationBarcelona
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This publication is a result of a 3-year research project funded within the European Commission's Fifth Framework Program. The objective of MIP was to develop a comparative research project about the reality of women in European prisons and their life after release - with an emphasis on the efficiency of the social and penitentiary policies which promote their social and labor integration in the six participating countries (England and Wales, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain) . The research aimed to identify the key factors that affect the social exclusion or integration of imprisoned women. The publication provides insight into the most recent trends regarding crime, judicial practices and characteristics of female prison populations. Based on the findings of country reports, the book takes a comparative look at a variety of factors resulting in the social exclusion of women, such as economic conditions, educational background, ethnicity, gendered violence, substance abuse, etc. The publication also includes a critical assessment of programs and services aimed at the social reintegration of women, as well as a list of policy recommendations aimed at the institutions of the European Union. Published jointly with members of the MIP project "Women, Integration and Prison. An analysis of the processes of socio-labor integration of women prisoners in Europe"

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Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
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