Repository Instructional Notes

These notes offer specific guidance for this Repository. If you need assistance with adding or importing records, please visit the Publications User Guide located on the main CEU domain.

Full author display notes

  • Results are displayed in chronological order, then alphabetical within year.
  • 'Show details' links to the full bibliographic record in the repository.
  • External links are denoted by the  icon.
  • Full texts, when available, are denoted by the pdf  icon.
  • A linked search for Google Scholar entries related to each record is also provided
Author last name by letter display notes
  • Click on a letter to refine your author search by last name.
  • By default, this view displays only authors who are profiled on the CEU main website.
Academic Area search
  • To filter publications by Academic Area, use the guided search block on the left column of the home, browse, or search pages.
  • Note that the process of classifying the full list of publications is still ongoing.
Browse display notes
  • By default, all records are shown in chronological order, then alphabetical within year.
  • Results can be refined by using the 'type of publication' menu selection
Search notes
  • Quick search in the upper right position allows for keyword search within record titles. Results can then be sorted by year, or author.
  • Full search allows searching by title, type, year, or author. Results can then be sorted by multiple fields.