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Journal Article
Vertebral artery diameter and flow: nature or nurture
Tarnoki, A. D., Fejer B., Tarnoki D. L., Littvay L., Lucatelli P., Cirelli C., et al. 2017
Journal Article
A Genetic Basis of Economic Egalitarianism
Social Justice Research
Batricevic, N., & Littvay L. 2017
Journal Article
The Elite Is Up to Something: Exploring the Relation Between Populism and Belief in Conspiracy Theories
Swiss Political Science Review
Silva, B. C., Vegetti F., & Littvay L. 2017
Working Paper
Active and Passive Labor Market Policies in Turkey
Duman, A. 2017
Working Paper
Skill Mismatches and Earnings Inequality across Europe
Duman, A. 2017
Working Paper
Regional Labor Markets and spatial unemployment in Turkey
Duman, A. 2017
Journal Article
Case Studies Nested in Fuzzy-set QCA on Sufficiency: Formalizing Case Selection and Causal Inference
Sociological Methods and Research
Schneider, C. Q., & Rohlfing I. 2016
Journal Article
A Unifying Framework for Causal Analysis in Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research
Sociological Methods {&} Research
Rohlfing, I., & Schneider C. Q. 2016
Journal Article
Assessing ESA on what it is designed for: A reply to Cooper and Glaesser
Field Methods
Schneider, C. Q., & Wagemann C. 2016
Journal Article
The 2015 Parliamentary Election in Kyrgyzstan
Electoral Studies
Fumagalli, M. 2016
Journal Article
Real Differences and Overlooked Similarities. Set-Methods in Comparative Perspective
Comparative Political Studies
Schneider, C. Q. 2016
Journal Article
Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics
Moles, A. 2016
Book Chapter
The God of Hungarians: Religion and Right-wing Populism in Hungary
Oxford University Press
Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion
Bozóki, A., & Ádám Z. 2016
Magazine Article
Liberális autokrácia?
Élet és Irodalom
Bozóki, A. 2016
Journal Article
A Caligula szindróma
Mozgó Világ
Bozóki, A., Varga Z., & Kolláth G. 2016
Journal Article
State and Faith: Right-wing Populism and Nationalized Religion in Hungary
Intersections: East-European Journal of Society and Politics
Bozóki, A., & Ádám Z. 2016
Newspaper Article
Magyarország félúton van a demokrácia és a diktatúra között
Bozóki, A. 2016
Journal Article
The normative trap in ethnopolitical research
Bochsler, D., & Schläpfer B. 2016
Journal Article
The 2015 National Elections in Switzerland: Renewed Polarization and Shift to the Right
Regional and Federal Studies
Bochsler, D., Gerber M., & Zumbach D. 2016
Journal Article
An Ever Closer Union? The Nationalisation of Political Parties in Switzerland, 1991‐2015
Swiss Political Science Review
Bochsler, D., Mueller S., & Bernauer J. 2016
Journal Article
Underreporting in psychology experiments: Evidence from a study registry
Social Psychological and Personality Science
Franco, A., Malhotra N., & Simonovits G. 2016
Journal Article
Economic hardship triggers identification with disadvantaged minorities
Journal of Politics
Simonovits, G., & Kezdi G. 2016
Lessons from Brexit
Littvay, L. 2016
Journal Article
The inheritance of corneal endothelial cell density
Ophthalmic Genetics
Racz, A., Toth G. Z., Tarnoki A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Littvay L., Suveges I., et al. 2016
Journal Article
Az alvás alatti légzészavarok hátterében álló örökletes tényezők: egy ikervizsgálat tapasztalatai
Medicina Thoracalis
Tarnoki, D. L., Tarnoki A. D., Kovacs D. T., Forgo B., Martinovszky F., Gall O., et al. 2016