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Journal Article
Genetikai és környezeti tényezők szerepe a kardiometabolikus kockázati tényezők alakulásában: ikervizsgálatok eredményei
Jermendy, G., Horvath T., Littvay L., Steinbach R., Jermendy A., Tarnoki A. D., et al. 2011
Journal Article
A metabolikus szindróma összetevőinek genetikai meghatározottsága: ikervizsgálatok eredményei
Orvosi Hetilap
Jermendy, G., Littvay L., Steinbach R., Jermendy A., Tarnoki A. D., Tarnoki D. L., et al. 2011
Journal Article
Effects of genetic versus environmental factors on cardiovascular autonomic function: a twin study
Diabetic Medicine
Osztovits, J., Horvath T., Littvay L., Steinbach R., Jermendy A., Tarnoki A. D., et al. 2011
Journal Article
Twins lead to the prevention of atherosclerosis. Preliminary findings of International twin study
Journal for Vascular Ultrasound
Tarnoki, A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Stazi M. A., Medda E., Cotichini R., Lucatelli P., et al. 2011
Journal Article
Reversible autonomic dysfunction during antiviral treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection
Hepatitis Monthly
Osztovits, J., Horvath E., Tax J., Csihi L., Horvath T., Littvay L., et al. 2011
Magazine Article
A vezető és a Jogtudós – Hogyan alkotmányoz más?
Magyar Narancs
Meszerics, T. 2011
Journal Article
Politikai felelősség
Politikatudományi Szemle
Miklosi, Z. 2011
Working Paper
Gender-based participataory inequalities in real existing democracies?
CEU, Center for the Study of Imperfections in Democracies
DISC Working Paper Series
Schneider, C. Q., & Makszin K. 2011
Biobanks and Tissue Research, The Public, the Patient and the Regulation
Conference Paper
Party-Voter Linkages and the Type of Democracy: Do Majoritarian Institutions Dampen the Ideological Vote?
69th Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting, March 31-April 3, 2011, Chicago, IL
Tóka, G., & D. B. 2011
Conference Paper
Should Women Push for Fewer Women Candidates? Preference Voting Systems and Gender Representation
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, 1-4 September 2011
Tóka, G., Popescu M., & Millard F. 2011
Journal Article
An Anatomy of a Political Decision
Bozóki, A. 2011
Conference Paper
Ideas for Institution-Building in Hungary: The Roundtable Talks of 1989.
Conference on Parliamentarism in Prague, April 7-9. 2011.
Bozóki, A. 2011
Journal Article
Kockázatok és mellékhatások
Bozóki, A. 2011
Journal Article
Electoral Entry and Success of Ethnic Minority Parties in Central and Eastern Europe: A Hierarchical Selection Model
Electoral Studies
Bochsler, D., & Bernauer J. 2011
Journal Article
It is not how many votes you get, but also where you get them. Territorial determinants and institutional hurdles for the success of ethnic minority parties in post‐communist countries
Acta Politica
Bochsler, D. 2011
Book Chapter
From big political change to permanent change of governments. The logic of 20 years of political party competition in Central and Eastern Europe
Twenty Years After the Breakdown of Communism in CEE: Promises, Meanings and Implications of 1989
Bochsler, D., & Cholova B. 2011
Book Chapter
Let the people decide? Learning from Swiss direct democracy in a comparative perspective
Bochsler, D. 2011
Book Chapter
Institutional Convergence of the CIS towards European Benchmarks
EU Eastern Neighborhood – Economic Potential and Future Development
Melnykovska, I., & Schweickert R. 2011
Journal Article
Prospective NATO or EU Membership and Institutional Change in Transition Countries
Economics of Transition
Melnykovska, I., Belke A., Bordon I., & Schweickert R. 2011
Journal Article
Balancing National Uncertainty and Foreign Orientation: Identity Building and the Role of Political Parties in Post-Orange Ukraine
Europe-Asia Studies
Schweickert, R., & Kostiuchenko T. 2011
Journal Article
NATO as an External Driver of Institutional Change in Post-Communist Countries
Defense and Peace Economics
Melnykovska, I., & Schweickert R. 2011
Journal Article
Environmental Judicial Interpretation and Agency Review: An Empirical Investigation of Judicial Decision Making in the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act
Buffalo Environmental Law Journal
Sautter, J. A., & Littvay L. 2011
Journal Article
Sense of Control and Voting: A Genetically Driven Relationship
Social Science Quarterly
Littvay, L., Weith P. T., & Dawes C. T. 2011
Journal Article
Familialism in Flux: role of Europe and Reconciliation in Hungary
European Journal of Social Security
Duman, A., & Horvath A. 2011