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Book Chapter
Constructing a Framework of Effective Multilateralism: Conclusions for the Field of Collective Security
The EU, the UN and Collective Security: Making Multilateralism Effective
Melnykovska, I., & Pirozzi N. 2012
Journal Article
Do Russia and China Promote Autocracy in Central Asia?
Asia Europe Journal
Melnykovska, I., Schweickert R., & Plumper H. 2012
Journal Article
Picking Winners? Evidence on NATO’s Enlargement Strategy
Transition Studies Review
Melnykovska, I., Schweickert R., & Heitmann H. 2012
Journal Article
Should researchers use single indicators, best indicators, or multiple indicators in structural equation models?
BMC Medical Research Methodolog
Hayduk, L., & Littvay L. 2012
Journal Article
Evidence for a strong genetic influence on carotid plaque characteristics: an international twin study
Tarnoki, A. D., Baracchini C., Tarnoki D. L., Lucatelli P., Boatta E., Zini C., et al. 2012
Journal Article
Heritability of central blood pressure and arterial stiffness: a twin study
Journal of Hypertension
Tarnoki, A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Stazi M. A., Medda E., Cotichini R., Nistico L., et al. 2012
Journal Article
Heritability of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and association with abnormal vascular parameters: A twin study
Liver International
Tarnoki, A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Bata P., Littvay L., Osztovits J., Jermendy G., et al. 2012
Journal Article
“The role of state in development of socioeconomic models in Hungary and Slovakia: the case of industrial policy
Journal of European Public Policy
Duman, A., & Kurekova L. 2012
Book Chapter
Union Wage Premium and the Impact of Unions on Wage Inequality in Turkey
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Labour Markets at a Crossroad
Duman, A. 2012
Working Paper
State Resources and Pocket Money: Shortcuts for Party Funding in Romania
DISC Working Papers
Gherghina, S., Chiru M., & Casal Bertoa F. 2011
Journal Article
Tribunes Versus Experts: An Analysis Of the Romanian MEPs
CEU Political Science Journal
Chiru, M., & Dimulescu V. 2011
Journal Article
When voter loyalty fails: party performance and corruption in Bulgaria and Romania
European Political Science Review
Chiru, M., & Gherghina S. 2011
Book Chapter
The Question of Anonymity and Privacy in Biobanking
Biobanks and Tissue Research: the public, the patient and the regulation
Bárd, P., & Sándor J. 2011
Journal Article
Some histories stay secret, but not entirely silent: dealing with the communist past in Central and Eastern Europe
Romanian Journal of Political Science
Radu, R. 2011
Well-being Reconsidered: Empowering Grassroots Organizations
Radu, R., Radisic J., Suciu A., Tuna A., Steiner F., Fedorko B., et al. 2011
Duty To Respond: Mass Crime, Denial, and Collective Responsibility
CEU Press
Dimitrijevic, N. 2011
Journal Article
Trade Unions and the Fiscal Crisis of the State
Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology
Bohle, D. 2011
Journal Article
An Elusive region: East-Central Europe in the Crisis
Perspectives on Europe
Bohle, D. 2011
Book Chapter
Patterns of party competition (1990–2009)
Manchester University Press
Europeanising party politics? Comparative perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe after Enlargement
Enyedi, Z., & Casal Bertoa F. 2011
Book Chapter
The quality of social, partisan and governmental representation
Manchester University Press
Europeanising party politics? Comparative perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe after Enlargement
Markowski, R., & Enyedi Z. 2011
Book Chapter
Politikai képviselet és intézményi alternatívák. Felfogások a polgárok és a politikusok körében [Political Representation and Institutional Alternatives. Attitudes among Politicians and Citizens]
Részvétel, képviselet, politikai változás
Enyedi, Z. 2011
Book Chapter
Kritikus választás 2010. A magyar pártrendszer átrendeződése a bal–jobb dimenzióban [Critical Election 2010. The Realignment of the Hungarian Party System in Left-Right Dimension]
Új képlet. A 2010-es választások Magyarországon [The New Formula. Elections in Hungary in 2010]
Enyedi, Z., & Benoit K. 2011
Book Chapter
East European Transformation and the Paradoxes of Transnationalization
Palgrave MacMillan
Transnational Europe: Promise, Paradox, Limits
Bohle, D. 2011
Journal Article
Employee Welfare and Restructuring in Public Sectors: Evidence from Poland and Serbia
European Journal of Industrial Relation
Duman, A., Bernaciak M., & Scepanovic V. 2011
Journal Article
Reconciliation of Work and Family Life in Hungary between 1990 and 2006
European Journal of Social Security
Duman, A., & Horvath A. 2011