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Gördülő rendszerváltás: az értelmiség politikai szerepe Magyarországon. Rolling Regime Change: The Political Role of Intellectuals in Hungary)
Bozóki, A. 2019
Book Chapter
Two Faces of Hungary: From Democratization to Democratic Backsliding
Cambridge University Press
Central and Southeastern Europe Since 1989
Bozóki, A., & Simon E. 2019
Book Chapter
Radical Right-wing Populism and Nationalized Religion in Hungary
Evangelische Verlagsanstalt
Resisting Exclusion: Global Theological Responses to Populism
Bozóki, A., & Ádám Z. 2019
Book Chapter
Demokrácián innen és túl – a populista kihívás
FEPS – Policy Solutions
Bozóki, A. 2019
Book Chapter
Beyond ’Illiberal Democracy’: The Case of Hungary
The Hague
New Politics of Decisionism
Bozóki, A. 2019
Journal Article
Száz év talány: Horthy, Kádár, Orbán
Mozgó Világ
Bozóki, A. 2019
Journal Article
Populist Attitudes and Political Engagement: Ugly, Bad, and Sometimes Good?
Journal of Representative Democracy
Ardag, M. M., Silva B. C., Thomeczek P. J., Bandlow-Raffalski S. F., & Littvay L. 2019
Journal Article
Bottom‐up renewal of the Swiss party system
Regional and Federal Studies
Bochsler, D. 2018
Journal Article
Seeing the world through the other’s eye: An online intervention reducing ethnic prejudice
American Political Science Review
Simonovits, G., Kardos P., & Kezdi G. 2018
Journal Article
The Electoral Consequences of Issue Frames
Journal of Politics
Peterson, E., & Simonovits G. 2018
Journal Article
A Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of a Bilingual Program on Students’ Grade Point Average at a Spanish Universit
Evaluation and Program Planning
Arco-Tirado, J. L., Fernández-Martín F., Ramos-García A. M., Littvay L., Villoriab J., & Naranjo J. A. 2018
Journal Article
Where did all the environmentalism go? ‘Politics can be different’ (LMP) in the 2018 Hungarian parliamentary elections
Environmental Politics
Kovarek, D., & Littvay L. 2018
Policy Brief
Team Populism’s Policy Brief on Populism in Europe and the Americas: What, When, Who and So What?
Littvay, L. 2018
Journal Article
Are the Variants of the Circle of Willis Determined by Genetic or Environmental Factors? Results of a Twin Study Running title: Circle of Willis Variants in Twins
Twin Research and Human Genetics
Forfo, B., Tarnoki A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Kovacs D. T., Szalontai L., Persely A., et al. 2018
Journal Article
Genetically determined pattern of left ventricular function in normal and hypertensive hearts
Journal of Clinical Hypertension
Kovacs, A., Molnar A. A., Kolossvary M., Szilveszter B., Panajotu A., Lakatos B. K., et al. 2018
Journal Article
Investigation of circle of Willis variants and hemodynamic parameters in twins using transcranial color-coded Doppler sonography
The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Forgo, B., Tarnoki A. D., Tarnoki D. L., Littvay L., Fagnani C., Stazi M. A., et al. 2018
Journal Article
Tight co-twin similarity of monozygotic twins for hTERT protein level of T cell subsets, for telomere length and mitochondrial DNA copy number, but not for telomerase activity
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Melicher, D., Illes A., Pallinger E., Kovacs A. F., Littvay L., Tarnoki A. D., et al. 2018
Journal Article
Perceived economic self-sufficiency: A country-and generation-comparative approach
European Political Science
Tosuna, J., Arco-Tirado J., Caserta M., Cemalcilar Z., Freitag M., Hörisch F., et al. 2018
Journal Article
Education Mismatches in the Labor Markets and Their Impact on Wages across Sectors: evidence from Turkey
Duman, A. 2018
Book review
Review of Production Politics and Migrant Labour Regimes: Guest Workers in Asia and the Gulf
Journal of Labor and Society
Production Politics and Migrant Labour Regimes: Guest Workers in Asia and the Gulf. Authors: Bal, Charanpal Singh
Duman, A. 2018
Journal Article
Two-Step QCA Revisited: The Necessity of Context Conditions
Quality & Quantity
Schneider, C. Q. 2018
Journal Article
Realists and Idealists in QCA
Political Analysis
Schneider, C. Q. 2018
Journal Article
A Unifying Framework for Causal Analysis in Set-Theoretic Multimethod Research
Sociological Methods & Research
Rohlfing, I., & Schneider C. Q. 2018
Book Chapter
Macro-Qualitative Approaches
Oxford University Press
Handbook of Political, Social, and Economic Transformation
Schneider, C. Q. 2018
Book Chapter
Governmental and Oppositional Populism: Competition and Division of Labor
ECPR Press
Absorbing the Blow: The Impact of Populist Parties on European Party Systems
Enyedi, Z., & Rona D. 2018