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Journal Article
One Electorate or Many? Voting Behavior in New and Established Democracies in Europe
Electoral Studies
van der Brug, W., Franklin M., & Tóka G. 2008
Book Chapter
Postmaterialism and authoritarianism in Hungary
Peter Lang
Political culture, socialization, democracy, and education : interdisciplinary and cross-national perspectives for a new century
Todosijevic, B., & Enyedi Z. 2008
Book Chapter
SAGE Publications
Encyclopedia of survey research methods
Rudas, T. 2008
Book Chapter
Probability Theory in Statistics
Sage Publications
Handbook of probability : theory and applications
Rudas, T. 2008
Public service television in the digital age : strategies and opportunities in five South-East-European countries
Journal Article
The 'Value' of Positive Security
Review of International Studies
Roe, P. 2008
Conference Paper
The Impact of Cleavages on Political Participation and Electoral Volatility
Tóka, G., & Gosselin T. 2008
Conference Paper
The Impact of Media and Party Systems on the Making of Informed Election Outcomes
Tóka, G., & Popescu M. 2008
The consolidation of democracy. Comparing Europe and Latin America
Schneider, C. Q. 2008
Journal Article
Compliance with Just Institutions
Social Theory and Practice
Miklosi, Z. 2008
Anarcho-demokraták : az anarchizmus elmélete és magyarországi története
Bozóki, A., & Sükösd M. 2007
Journal Article
Inequalities of Political Influence in New Democracies
International journal of sociology
Tóka, G., & Popescu M. 2007
Book Chapter
Information Effects on Vote Choices in European Elections
European elections after Eastern enlargement : preliminary results from the European election study 2004
Tóka, G. 2007
Kiegyensúlyozottság és kampány a médiában
Book Chapter
Party funding in Hungary
Political finance and corruption in Eastern Europe : the transition period
Enyedi, Z. 2007
Book Chapter
Party Systems and Voting Behaviour in the Visegrad Countries 15 Years After the Transition
Palacky University
Visegrad votes : parliamentary elections 2005-2006
Tóka, G., & Henjak A. 2007
Book Chapter
Playing with Europe : the impact of European integration on the Hungarian party system
Palgrave Macmillan
The European Union and party politics in Central and Eastern Europe
Enyedi, Z. 2007
Book Chapter
Stability in the shadow of chaos.
Parliamentary elections and party landscape in the Visegrád Group countries.
Enyedi, Z. 2007
Book Chapter
The only game in town : party politics in Hungary
Oxford University Press
Party politics in new democracies
Enyedi, Z., & Tóka G. 2007
Volby do Evropského parlamentu 2004
Sociologický ústav Akademie věd ČR
Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) und Fuzzy Sets. Ein Lehrbuch fur Anwender und alle, die es werden wollen
Verlag Barbara Budrich
Schneider, C. Q., & Wagemann C. 2007
Conference Paper
Opposition in Transition. Does Unity Bring Dictators Down? A QCA-Reanalysis of Howerd&Roessler's Study of Liberalizing Electoral Outcomes
“Stand und Zukunft der Vergleichenden Politikwissenschaft”, organized by the Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW)
Schneider, C. Q. 2007
Journal Article
Reducing Complexity in Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): Remote and Proximate Factors and the Consolidation of Democracy
European Journal of Political Research
Schneider, C. Q., & Wagemann C. 2006
A 2004. évi európai parlamenti választások : pártok és szavazói magatartás nemzetközi összehasonlításban
Demokrácia Kutatások Magyar Központja Közhasznú Alapítvány
Book Chapter
A befagyott felszin és ami alatta van : a 2006-os választás és a magyar pártrendszer
Demokrácia Kutatások Magyar Központja Alapítvány
Parlamenti választás 2006 : elemzések és adatok
Enyedi, Z. 2006