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Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution and the Problems of assessing its Damage (in Russian)
Mnatsakanian, R. A., Motkin G., & Altshurer I. 1988
Journal Article
Glasnost and Ecology (in Russian)
Energiia : ekonomika, tekhnika, ekologiia
Mnatsakanian, R. A., & Altshuler I. 1987
A Case Study of Nutrients in the River Holme, West Yorkshire, England
Day, J. P., Brown L., & Bellinger E. G. 1982
Journal Article
The Character and Dispersal of Motorway Run-Off Water
Water Pollution Control
Tinker, J., Jones A. D., & Bellinger E. G. 1982
A key to common British algae
Institution of Water Engineers and Scientists
Bellinger, E. G. 1980
Journal Article
Anti-fouling paint
Marine pollution bulletin,
Bellinger, E. G. 1979
Journal Article
Dieldrin Pollution in the River Holme Catchment, Yorkshire
Environmental Pollution (00139327)
Day, J. P., Brown L., & Bellinger E. G. 1979
Journal Article
Nitrate determination in fresh and some estuarine waters by ultraviolet light absorption: A new proposed method
Water research
Brown, L., & Bellinger E. G. 1978
Journal Article
The Levels of Metals in Dock-Yard Sediments with Particular Reference to the Contributions from Ship-Bottom Paints
Environmental Pollution (00139327)
Bellinger, E. G., & Benham B. R. 1978
Journal Article
Seasonal size changes in certain diatoms and their possible significance
European Journal of Phycology
Bellinger, E. G. 1977
Journal Article
Caesium-137: Its accumulation in a littoral community
Marine pollution bulletin
Broom, M. J., Grimwood P. D., & Bellinger E. G. 1975
Journal Article
A note on the use of algal sizes in estimates of population standing crops
European Journal of Phycology
Bellinger, E. G. 1974
Ecological and taxonomic studies of filter bed algae
University of London
Bellinger, E. G. 1968