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Journal Article
The Internationalisation of the RMB: New Starts, Jumps and Tipping Points
Emerging Markets Review
Batten, J. A., & Szilagyi P. G. 2016
Journal Article
Should Emerging Market Investors Buy Commodities?
Applied Economics
Batten, J. A., Szilagyi P. G., & Wagner N. F. 2015
Journal Article
Time Varying Asian Stock Market Integration
Singapore Economic Review
Batten, J. A., Morgan P., & Szilagyi P. G. 2015
Journal Article
Trade Policy: Home Market Effect versus Terms-of-Trade Externality
Journal of International Economics
Campolmi, A., Fadinger H., & Forlati C. 2014
Journal Article
Rethinking Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes with Frictional Labour Markets
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Campolmi, A., & Faia E. 2014
Journal Article
Stock Market Spread Trading: Argentina and Brazil Stock Indices
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade
Batten, J. A., Szilagyi P. G., & Wong M. C. S. 2014
Journal Article
Which Inflation to Target? A Small Open Economy with Sticky Wages
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Campolmi, A. 2012
Journal Article
Agent based model of a simple economy
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination
Horváth, J., Gazda V., Gróf M., Kubák M., & Rosival T. 2012
Journal Article
Labor Market Institutions and Inflation Volatility in the Euro Area
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Campolmi, A., & Faia E. 2011
Journal Article
The Roma/non-Roma test score gap in Hungary
American Economic review
Kézdi, G., & Kertesi G. 2011
Journal Article
Roma Employment in Hungary After the Post-Communist Transition
Economics of Transition
Kertesi, G., & Kézdi G. 2011
Journal Article
Stock market crash and expectations of American households
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Kezdi, G., Kertesi G., & Willis R. J. 2011
Book Chapter
Corporate Governance and the Structure of Ownership of Hungarian Corporations
Edward Elgar
Handbook on International Corporate Governance
Telegdy, Á. 2011
Working Paper
Evidence for Dynamic Contracts in Sovereign Bank Lending
Ilut, C. 2011
Journal Article
National identity and money: Czech and Slovak Lands 1918-2008
Nationalities Papers
Veselkova, M., & Horvath J. 2011
Journal Article
Fiscal Calculus and the Labor Market
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics
Campolmi, A., Faia E., & Winkler R. 2011
Book Chapter
Aspects of Market Integration in a Transition Economy
Financial Market Integration and Growth, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics in the European Union
Horváth, J., & Lukacsy K. 2011
Journal Article
National Identity and Money: Czech and Slovak Lands 1918-2008
Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity
Horváth, J., & Veselkova M. 2011
Book Chapter
Growth experience and prospects of Central and Eastern European countries : a synthesis
Edward Elgar
Diversity in economic growth : global insights and explanations
Fidrmuc, J., Chandler M., & Horváth J. 2010
Journal Article
"The Global Economic Crises: Impacts on Eastern Europe"
Acta Oeconomica
Journal Article
Political Selection of Firms into Privatization Programs. Evidence from Romanian Comprehensive Data
Economics and Politics
Szentpéteri, Ádám, & Telegdy Á. 2010
Journal Article
Employment and Wage Effects of Privatization: Evidence from Hungary, Romania, Russia and Ukraine
Economic Journal
Brown, D., Earle J., & Telegdy Á. 2010
Journal Article
Economic Fluctuations in Central and Eastern Europe. The Facts.
Applied Economics
Ratfai, A. 2010
Conference Proceedings
Economics: Selective Discussion of Methodological Aspects
Bratislava Economic Meeting, Slovak Economic Association International Conference
Horváth, J. 2010
Book Chapter
A reformok kritikus tömege
Akadémiai Kiadó
A jelen a jövő múltja : járatlan utak, járt úttalanságok
Bokros, L. 2009