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Newspaper Article
Nach der Krise ist vor der Krise [The next crisis comes for sure]
Der Standard
Goldthau, A. 2009
Journal Article
Innovative R&D and Optimal Investment under Uncertainty in High-Tech Industries: An Implication for Emerging Economies
Research Policy Journal
Kurekova, L., Lin J. Y., & Tsai Y. 2009
Journal Article
Digital Populism in South Korea? Internet Culture and the Trouble with Direct Participation
On Korea: Academic Papers Series
Kim, Y. 2009
Journal Article
From formal adoption to enforcement. Post-accession shifts in EU impact on Hungary in the equality policy field
European Integration Online Papers
Krizsan, A. 2009
Study on the Social and Labour Market Integration of Ethnic Minorities
Zimmermann, K. F., Kahanec M., Constant A., DeVoretz D., Zaiceva A., & Gataullina L. 2008
Book Chapter
4. Case management: Procedural law v. Best Practices
Civil justice between efficiency and quality : from ius commune to the CEPEJ
Ng, G. Yein 2008
Journal Article
Adapting to Enlargement : The Role of Formal and Informal Processes of Institutional Adjustment in EU Committee Governance
Journal of European Integration
Puetter, U. 2008
Journal Article
Book Review: Charles W. Ostrom et al.: Trial Courts as Organizations
International Journal For Court Administration
Ng, G. Yein 2008
Book Chapter
Case management: Procedural law v. Best Practices
Judicial case management and efficiency in civil litigation
Ng, G. Yein 2008
Community Media : Scholarship, Policy Advocacy, and Power Tools
Social Science Research Council
Coyer, K. 2008
Book Chapter
Die politische Ökonomie der EU-Integration am Beispiel der Osterweiterung.
VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
Die politische Ökonomie des EU-Entscheidungsprozesses: Modelle und Anwendungen
Kemmerling, A., & Bodenstein T. 2008
Journal Article
Die Zurechnung öffentlicher arbeitsschutzpolitischer Äußerungen von Beamten im Rahmen des gemeinschaftlichen Staatshaftungsanspruchs
ZESAR : Zeitschrift für europäisches Sozial- und Arbeitsrecht
Kohte, W., & Irion K. 2008
Journal Article
Divided over Iraq, United over Iran : A Rational Choice Explanation to European Irrationalities
European Political Economy Review
Goldthau, A. 2008
Book Chapter
Ein Gaskartell unter russischer Führung?
Jahrbuch Internationale Politik 2005-2006
Goldthau, A. 2008
Journal Article
Energy efficiency in Russia
Russian Analytical Digest
Goldthau, A. 2008
Book Chapter
Euroscepticism in the Hungarian party system : Voices from the Wilderness?
Oxford University Press
Opposing Europe? : The comparative party politics of Euroscepticism
Batory, A. 2008
Journal Article
France is 'Already' Back in Europe: The Europeanization of French Courts and the Influence of France in the EU
European public law
Granger, M. - P. 2008
Journal Article
Global Energy Governance
Internationale Politik
Goldthau, A. 2008
Book Chapter
Global Public policy and transnational policy communities
Governance and the depoliticisation of development
Stone, D. 2008
Journal Article
Global public policy, transnational policy communities and their networks
Policy studies journal
Stone, D. 2008
Book Chapter
Het bestuursrecht voor de rechterlijke macht,
Grensverleggend Bestuursrecht, Opstellen voor prof. mr. J.,B.J.M. ten Berge ter gelegenheid van zijn afscheid als hoogleraar Staats- en bestuursrecht aan de Universiteit Utrecht
Ng, G. Yein, & Langbroek P. M. 2008
Book Chapter
International by design : Institutional Strategies and Policies of an International University in Central Europe
Raabe Academic Publishers
Internationalisation of European higher education : an EUA/ACA handbook
Matei, L. 2008
Monitoring and Evaluation of Court System: A Comparative Study
Coumcil of Europe
CEPEJ Studies
Ng, G. Yein, Velicogna M., & Dallara C. 2008
Journal Article
Monitoring and evaluation of courts activities and performance
IACAInternational Journal of Court Administration
Ng, G. Yein, Velicogna M., & Dallara C. 2008
Working Paper
Monitoring EU spending in Hungary
CEU - Center for Policy Studies
Monitoring Development Series
Batory, A., & Cartwright A. 2008