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Journal Article
Motor activation during action perception depends on action interpretation
Pomiechowska, B., & Csibra G. 2017
Journal Article
Osztenzív kommunikáció és pragmatikai következtetések preverbális csecsemőknél
Általános Nyelvészeti Tanulmányok XXIX.: Kísérletes nyelvészet
Tauzin, T., & Gergely G. 2017
Journal Article
Statistical treatment of looking-time data
Developmental Psychology
Csibra, G., Hernik M., Mascaro O., Tatone D., & Lengyel M. 2016
Journal Article
An object memory bias induced by communicative reference
Acta Psychologica
Marno, H., Davelaar E. J., & Csibra G. 2016
Journal Article
Dogs Identify Agents in Third-Party Interactions on the Basis of the Observed Degree of Contingency
Psychological Science
Tauzin, T., Kovács K., & Topál J. 2016
Journal Article
Seeing behind the surface: Communicative demonstration boosts category disambiguation in 12-month-olds
Developmental Science
Kovács, Á. M., Téglás E., Gergely G., & Csibra G. 2016
Journal Article
Predictive action tracking without motor experience in 8-month-old infants
Brain and Cognition
de Klerk, C. C. J. M., Southgate V., & Csibra G. 2016
Journal Article
Nonverbal generics: Human infants interpret objects as symbols of object kinds
Annual Review of Psychology
Csibra, G., & Shamsudheen R. 2015
Journal Article
Learning in and about opaque worlds
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Tatone, D., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
Infants learn enduring functions of novel tools from action demonstrations
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Hernik, M., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
Giving and taking: Representational building blocks of active resource-transfer events in human infants
Tatone, D., Geraci A., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
Toddlers favor communicatively presented information over statistical reliability in learning about artifacts
Marno, H., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
Are you talking to me? Neural activations in 6-month-old infants in response to being addressed during natural interactions
Lloyd-Fox, S., Széplaki-Köllőd B., Yin J., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
The order of ostensive and referential signals affects dogs’ responsiveness when interacting with a human
Animal Cognition
Tauzin, T., Csík A., Kis A., Kovács K., & Topál J. 2015
Journal Article
Simple visual cues of event boundaries
Acta Psychologica
Tauzin, T. 2015
Journal Article
Concept-based word learning in human infants
Psychological Science
Yin, J., & Csibra G. 2015
Journal Article
What or where? The meaning of referential human pointing for dogs (Canis familiaris)
Journal of Comparative Psychology
Tauzin, T., Csík A., Kis A., & Topál J. 2015
Journal Article
Probing the strength of infants' preference for helpers over hinderers: Two replication attempts of Hamlin and Wynn (2011)
PLoS One
Salvadori, E. A., Blazsekova T., Volein Á., Karap Z., Tatone D., Mascaro O., et al. 2015
Journal Article
Neural signatures for sustaining object representations attributed to others in preverbal human infants
Proceedings of the Royal Society, London B
Kampis, D., Parise E., Csibra G., & Kovács Á. M. 2015
Journal Article
Human infants' learning of social structures: The case of dominance hierarchy
Psychological Science
Mascaro, O., & Csibra G. 2014
Journal Article
Nonverbal communicative signals modulate attention to object properties.
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.
Marno, H., Davelaar E. J., & Csibra G. 2014
Journal Article
Action anticipation in human infants reveals assumptions about anteroposterior body-structure and action
Proceedings of the Royal Society, London B
Hernik, M., Fearon R. M. P., & Csibra G. 2014
Working Paper
Beliefs about people’s prosociality Eliciting predictions in dictator games
Molnár, A., & Heintz C. 2014
Journal Article
Pointing as epistemic request: 12-month-olds point to receive new information
Kovács, Á. M., Tauzin T., Téglás E., Gergely G., & Csibra G. 2014
Comments on a paper entitled 'Is ostension any more than attention' by Szufnarowska et al. in Scientific Reports
Csibra, G., Hernik M., Shamsudheen R., Tatone D., & Senju A. 2014