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Implementing a Comprehensive and Co-ordinated approach. An assessment of Poland’s response to prevent and combat gender-based violence.
Council of Europe
Krizsan, A., & Papp E. 2016
Journal Article
The ideology of Europeanism and Europe’s migrant other
International Socialism
Journal Article
Roma gyerekek a szakellátásban. Gyermekjólét és gyermekvédelem Nógrád megyében
Darvas, A., Farkas Z., Vigh K., & Kende A. 2016
Journal Article
Narratives and counter-narratives of Europe. Constructing and contesting Europeanity
Cahiers Memoires et Politique
Cantat, C. 2016
Journal Article
“The way we relate to ‘others’ shows how we actually are”. Causes of xenophopbic attitudes in Hungary: the potential roles of the threat of social marginalization and the education
Messing, V., & Ságvári B. 2016
Journal Article
Gender, Politics and the State: Central and Eastern Europe.
The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies
Krizsan, A., & Popa R. 2016
Journal Article
The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism
Krizsan, A. 2016
Mapping Backsliding in the European Union
Batory, A., Sitter N., Krizsan A., & Zentai V. 2016
Book Chapter
La politique de l’intersectionnalite dans le militarisme contre la violence conjugale en Hongrie et an Roumanie.
La Dispute
L’intersectionnalité : enjeux théoriques et politiques.
Popa, R. M., & Krizsan A. 2016
Working Paper
Methodological and data infrastructure report on Roma population in the EU
InGRID Working Paper serier
Bernát, A., & Messing V. 2016
Mobilizing for Policy Change: Women's Movements in Central and Eastern European Domestic Violence Policy Struggles
Central European University
CPS Books
Working Paper
Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers
ChangingEmployment Working Papers
Adascalitei, D., & Guga S. 2015
Working Paper
Leaving 'Roma' Behind. Notes on the Impact of Housing and (Forced) Mobility on Education
INTEGRIM Online Papers
Piemontese, S. 2015
Working Paper
Integration of Vulnerable Migrants: Women, Children and Victims of Trafficking (Hungary)
ASSESS Working Papers
Messing, V., Zentai V., & Arendas Z. 2015
Working Paper
'Vulnerability of Roma' in Policy Discourse on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia: Perspectives of the National Policy Actors
CEU Center for Policy Studies
CPS Working Papers
Jovanovic, J. 2015