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Journal Article
Collectivity, Community and the Informal Economy Under Communism
Social Research
Szalai, J. 2002
Book Chapter
Roma gyerekek az oktatásban Kelet- és Nyugat-Európa négy államában. Kormányzati és nem kormányzati programok, kezdeményezések, kísérletek.
Országos Közoktatási Intézet
Esélyt teremtő iskolák: iskolai törekvések a hátrányos helyzetűek tanulási kudarcainak leküzdésére.
Messing, V. 2002
Book review
Betekintés a narratív identitás módszertanába
Ruth Wodak (ed.): The Discursive Construction of National Identity. Edinburgh, UP, 1999
Working Paper
Hungarian party identities and the question of European integration
Sussex European Institute
EPERN working paper
Batory, A. 2001
Book Chapter
Race Statistics and Data Protection. The Case of Hungary
CEU Press
Ethnic Monitoring and Data Protection. The European Context
Krizsan, A. 2001
Ethnic Monitoring and Data Protection: The European Context
Central European University Press
CPS Books
Reshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives
Higgott, R., & Robotti P. 2001
Exchange of Values and Circulation of Meanings: Social Imagination on Money and Wealth in Post-Socialist Hungary
Rutgers University
Zentai, V. 2001
“Women and Men in Politics - Divided and Dividing Opportunities”
Zentai, V. 2001
Working Paper
Poverty and the Degradation of Social Rights: The Case of Hungary
Harvard University
Harvard Working Papers
Szalai, J. 2001
Book Chapter
Conflicts of Gender and Class. Paradoxes of Women’s Occupational Mobility in Post-1989 Hungary.
Aldine de Gruyter
Women’s Employment in a Comparative Perspective
Szalai, J. 2001
The Return of the Peasant. Land reform in post-Communist Romania
Cartwright, A. 2001
Journal Article
Compact relations – Charities and the New Deal
Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
Morris, D., & Cartwright A. 2001
Book Chapter
Reforming property law in Eastern and Central Europe
Hart Publishing
Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. I: Property 2000
Cartwright, A. 2001
Book Chapter
Land, legality and rural development
Wyydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne
Management in Diversification of Rural Areas
Cartwright, A. 2001