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Past and present: Is there anything new with anti-Americanism today?
Malbasic, I., & Tsanov R. 2004
Working Paper
Terror and Governance
Todorov, V. 2004
Conference Paper
The Anti-American Century?
Krastev, I. 2004
Conference Paper
Two Years after: Rethinking Young Anti-Americanism in South Korea
Past and Present: Is There Anything New with Anti- Americanism Today?
Bong, Y. 2004
Conference Paper
How ‘Big Brother’ USA became the ‘Great Satan’: Changing Perceptions of the United States of America Among the Muslim Communities of Southeast Asia
Past and Present: Is There Anything New with Anti- Americanism Today?
Noor, F. A. 2004
Conference Paper
The Arabs and the US after the Invasion of Iraq: Politics and Prejudice
Al-Azmeh, A. 2004
Working Paper
Included in Society. Results and Recommendations of the European Research Initiative on Community-Based Residential Alternatives for Disabled People.
Book Chapter
Conflicting Interests in Shaping Hungary’s New Private Pension Scheme
Edward Elgar
Rethinking theWelfare State. The Political Economy of Pension Reform.
Szalai, J. 2004
Book review
Story of the land
Verdery, K. (2003). The vanishing hectare: Property and value in postsocialist Transylvania. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 432 pp.
Cartwright, A. 2004
Journal Article
Süketek beszéde:A jászladányi iskolaügy kapcsán kialakult sajtódiskurzus kvalitatív elemzése
Messing, V. 2004
Working Paper
Az idegenekkel és külföldiekkel kapcsolatos angolszász, francia és német kutatások irodalma (1990-2002)
Központi Statisztikai Hivatal
KSH Népességtudományi Intézetének Kutatási Jelentései
Vidra, Z., & Kovács É. 2004
Approaches to Measuring Capacity and Capacity-Building for Policy-Research
CPS Policy Research Reports
Ladi, S., & Pop D. 2004
Conference Paper
We (do not) want out rights! Case studies of active and passive political engagement of Roma minority leaders in Hungary
International Sociological Association; Ethnic, Race and Minority Relations
Vidra, Z. 2004
Conference Paper
The Construction of Ethnic Identity in the Public Discourses of Roma Elite: the Likelihood of Political Self-mobilization Two Case Studies
Association for the Study of Nationalities, 2004 World Convention, Columbia University
Vidra, Z. 2004
Book Chapter
CEU Press
Reshaping Globalization. Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives.
Krizsan, A., & Zentai V. 2003