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Book Chapter
Gender equality and family in populist radical right agendas – similarities and differences in European Parliamentary debates 2014.
Edward Elgar
Gender and Generational Division in EU citizenship
Krizsan, A., & Siim B. 2018
Journal Article
With Eyes Wide Shut. Job Searching Qualified Roma and Employee Seeking Companies
Intersections - East European Journal of Society and Politics
Árendás, Z., Messing V., & Violetta Z. 2018
Journal Article
Towards a Conceptual Framework for Struggles over Democracy in Backsliding States: Gender Equality Policy in Central Eastern Europe
Politics and Governance
Krizsan, A., & Conny R. 2018
Journal Article
Recognition, Rights and Redistribution : Introduction to the Honorary Issue of Intersections.
Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics
Szikra, D., Messing V., & Neményi M. 2018
Working Paper
Looking behind the culture of fear: Cross-national analysis of attitudes towards migration.
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Messing, V., & Ságvári B. 2018
Sokszínű, befogadó munkahelyek romáknak és másoknak
Autonómia Alapitvány
Illés, M., Kelemen Á., Árendás Z., & Messing V. 2018
Journal Article
Reversing gender policy progress: patterns of backsliding in Central and Eastern European new democracies.
European Journal of Politics and Gender
Conny, R., & Andrea K. 2018
Journal Article
Health Policy in Cross-border Cooperation Practices: The Role of Euroregions and Their Local Government Members
Territory, Politics, Governance
Svensson, S. 2017
Working Paper
Policy paper summarizing findings on backsliding in equality policies and inclusion measures addressing gender, disability and ethnicity based inequalities
Transcrisis Project
Transcrisis. Deliverable 6.2
Krizsan, A., & Zentai V. 2017
Journal Article
Is ethnicity a meaningful category of employment policies for Roma? A comparative case study of Hungary and Spain
Ethnic and Racial Studies
Messing, V., & Bereményi B. Á. 2017
Journal Article
Differentiation in the Making: Consequences of School Segregation of Roma in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
European Education
Messing, V. 2017
Backsliding in area of constitutional safeguards and independent institutions, corruption control, and general equality and minorities
Sitter, N., Batory A., Krizsan A., & Zentai V. 2017
Working Paper
Solidarity in the housing sector: civic responses to homelessness and housing poverty in Hungary
Center for Policy Studies Central European University
CPS Working Paper Series 2017/2
Cartwright, A., Svensson S., & Balogh P. 2017
Working Paper
Solidarity at the Border: The organization of spontaneous support for transiting refugees in two Hungarian towns in the summer of 2015
Center for Policy Studies Central European University
CPS Working Paper Series 2017/1
Cartwright, A., Svensson S., & Balogh P. 2017
Journal Article
Romaphobia and the media: mechanisms of power and the politics of representations
Tremlett, A., Messing V., & Kóczé A. 2017