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Policy Brief
Albania caught between the “Scylla” of political antagonism and “Charybdis” of institutional stalemate
Kalemaj, I. 2017
Policy Brief
The Future of the EU beyond Rome: Views from the Visegrad Countries
Balázs, P., Bartovic V., Bilčík V., & Janulewicz L. 2017
Policy Brief
After the Bundestag Election: What Lies Ahead for German-V4 Cooperation?
Janulewicz, L., Hegedűs D., & Strazay T. 2017
Policy Brief
Shifts in Poland’s alliances within the European Union
Szymanska, J. 2017
Policy Brief
The Role and Status of the Visegrad Countries after Brexit: the Czech Republi
Stuchlikova, Z. 2017
Policy Brief
Old and New Engines: Shifting Power and Strategic Alternatives for EU and V4 after Brexit?
Nagy, T. 2017
Policy Brief
Shifting Power and Strategic Alternatives in post Brexit Europe: perspective on the UK
Whitman, R. G. 2017
Policy Brief
EU unity first, strategic visions second – Germany’s EU coalition building after the Brexit referendum
Kirch, A. 2017
Policy Brief
Spain and EU's post-BREXIT realignments: A NEW CORE ROLE FOR SPAIN
Colomina, C. 2017
Policy Brief
The state of democracy in contemporary Europe
Whitehead, L. 2017
Policy Brief
Slovakia and post-Brexit EU
Bilčík, V. 2017
Policy Brief
Poland`s foreign policy: on the path to multi-speed Europe
Kokot, M. 2017
Policy Brief
The Unbearable Heaviness of Being – a core member of the EU
Michelot, M. 2017
Policy Brief
“A Strategy for Russia” – Russian Foreign Policy and Global Positioning in the Next Decade
Kiss, A., Deák A., Rácz A., van der Togt T., Utkin S., & Greene S. 2017
What do Hungarian Foreign Policy Stakeholders Think?
Center for EU Enlargement Studies
Végh, Z. 2016