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Working Paper
Managing the Middle: Maneuvering Bulgaria’s Development through EU and Russian influences Iris
EU Frontiers Student Paper Series
Belensky, I. 2018
Policy Brief
From ‘Visegrad Four’ to ‘Varna Four’: The rise and role of regional cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe
Janulewicz, L., Jozwiak V., Kuusik P., Merheim-Eyre I., Rotaru V., Stuchlikova Z., et al. 2018
Policy Brief
Reconciling core state power integration with market regulation? The potential of the Macron-Rutte alliance
Janulewicz, L., & Stuwe R. 2018
Frontiers of Democracy: Embedding Democratic Values in Central and Eastern Europe. Good practices and limits of transferability
Center for European Neighborhood Studies
Policy Brief
Introduction: European integration Perspectives for the Western Balkans
Balazs, P. 2017
Policy Brief
The role of the Macedonian civil society in advancing democracy in a captured state
Zdravev, D. 2017
Policy Brief
Political transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Semanic, H. 2017
Policy Brief
The European Union’s strategy towards the Western Balkans – “The stairway to nowhere?”
Marovic, J. 2017
Policy Brief
Change in the EU accession approach: A case for a flexible membership
Radic Milosavljevic, I. 2017
Policy Brief
Albania caught between the “Scylla” of political antagonism and “Charybdis” of institutional stalemate
Kalemaj, I. 2017
Policy Brief
The Future of the EU beyond Rome: Views from the Visegrad Countries
Balázs, P., Bartovic V., Bilčík V., & Janulewicz L. 2017
Policy Brief
After the Bundestag Election: What Lies Ahead for German-V4 Cooperation?
Janulewicz, L., Hegedűs D., & Strazay T. 2017
Policy Brief
Shifts in Poland’s alliances within the European Union
Szymanska, J. 2017
Policy Brief
The Role and Status of the Visegrad Countries after Brexit: the Czech Republi
Stuchlikova, Z. 2017
Policy Brief
Old and New Engines: Shifting Power and Strategic Alternatives for EU and V4 after Brexit?
Nagy, T. 2017