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Book Chapter
Decisions at the End of Life
Oxford University Press
The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law
Sándor, J., & Orentlicher D. 2021
Journal Article
The Human Embryo: Mapping Patients’ Ethical Decisions
Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (Intersections.EEJSP)
Sándor, J., Vicsek L., & Bauer Z. 2021
Journal Article
The Vaccination Cold War
The Hastings Center Report
Moreno, J. D., Sándor J., & Schmidt U. 2021
Book Chapter
La Cautelosa Actitud Jurídica con Respecto a los Derechos los Enfermos Terminales en Hungría (in Spanish)
Tirant lo Blanch
Régimen Jurídico de la Eutanasia: Panorama Internacional
Sándor, J. 2020
Book Chapter
Bioethics as a Tool for Extending the Human Rights Discourse
Boom uitgevers Den Haag (BuDH)
Human Rights in the 21st Century
Sándor, J. 2020
Book Chapter
The Challenge of Genetics, Human Rights on the Molecular Level?
Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge Handbook of New Human Rights
J., S. 2020
Journal Article
Rebalancing Human Rights at the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic
Pravni zapisi
Sándor, J. 2020
Journal Article
Health and Legal Policy in Hungary at the time of COVID-19 Pandemic
Medicine and Law
Sándor, J. 2020
Journal Article
Bioethics for the Pandemic
Sándor, J. 2020
Book Chapter
Editing human reproduction? Legal and ethical aspects of genome editing
Human Embryos and Preimplantation Genetic Technologies
J., S. 2019
Journal Article
Let Us Talk About Eggs! Professional Resistance to Elective Egg Vitrification and Gendered Medical Paternalism
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy
Sándor, J., Vicsek L., & Bauer Z. 2018
Journal Article
Whose Biobank? Should Biobanks Serve Research Interests or the Needs for Personalized Medicine? Analysis of the Hungarian Law
Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers
Sándor, J. 2017
Journal Article
Generic or Specific? The Frames of Stem Cell Procurement Regulation in Europe
Varju, M., & Sándor J. 2017
Conference Paper
Genome Editing and the Legal Editing of the New Bio-Medical Landscape
Journal of the World Association of Medical Law
23rd Conference of the World Association of Medical Law, Baku
Sandor, J. 2017
Journal Article
Mandatory Disclosure and Medical Paternalism
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
Bullock, E. C. 2016