Publications of Renkin, Hadley Z.

Renkin HZ. Przodkinie i pielgrzymki. Tworzenie lesbijskiej historii i przynaleznosci narodowej na postsocjalistycznych Wegrzech. In: Koscianska A, editor. Antropologia seksualnosci. Teoria, etnografia, zastosowanie. Warsaw: University of Warsaw Press; 2012. p. 367-82.

Homophobia and Queer Belonging in Hungary

Violent attacks on gay and lesbian activities in the public sphere, coupled with verbal aggression against sexual minorities by right-wing politicians in Hungary and other postsocialist countries, illustrate the centrality of sexuality in questions of postsocialist transition. This article discusses the limits of current scholarly interpretations of homophobia in postsocialist countries. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork on LGBT activism in Hungary, it argues that by undertak-ing public projects that assert multiple forms of identity and community, LGBT people, although often portrayed as passive objects of the changing configurations of power of Hungary’s transition, have raised a radical challenge to traditional imaginings of the boundaries between national and transnational meanings. It is this challenge—the proposal of a “queering” of belonging—to which right-wing, nationalist actors have responded with public violence.

Renkin HZ. Skeletons in the National Closet: Sexuality, History, and the Ambiguities of Belonging in Post-Socialist Hungary. In: Nation in Formation: Inclusion and Exclusion in Central and Eastern Europe. London: School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London; 2007. p. 1-20. (Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe).
Renkin HZ. Predecessors and Pilgrims: Lesbian History-making and Belonging in Postsocialist Hungary. In: Takács J, Kuhar R, editors. Beyond the Pink Curtain: the Everyday Life of GLBTs in Eastern and Central Europe. Ljubljana: Peace Institute; 2007. p. 269-86. (Politike Symposion series).