Publications of Greskovits, B.

Greskovits B. The Hungarian Credit Program to Stimulate Exports. In: Rába A, Schenk KE, editors. Investment System and Foreign Trade Implications in Hungary. Vol 38. Stuttgart and New York: Gustav Fischer Verlag; 1987. p. 189-229. (Ökonomische Studien; vol 38).

Piacorientált iparpolitika Hollandiában

A Market-Oriented Industrial Policy in the Netherlands

Fejlesztés és szelekció

Development and Selection

A fejlesztő állam két jellegzetes magatartásmódja a piacgazdaságban

Two Characteristic Government Attitudes towards Development in Market Economies

Vállalatnagyság – vállalkozási forma

Enterprise Size – Enterprise Form

Ellentmondásos értékek és értékes ellentmondások Polányi Károly elméleti rendszerében

Contradictory Values and Valuable Contradictions in Karl Polanyi's WorkA critical analysis of the theories of Karl Polanyi. It is suggested that his substantive system of concepts is too general to attain its own purposes. Polanyi's humanistic critique of capitalism has contradictions owing to a too narrow view of the social character of human beings; Polanyi makes the state the embodiment of that social character & the opponent of the economy, ignoring the role of the state in capitalist development. The limits & scope of a description of society based on Polanyi's concepts are traced, & it is argued that by interpreting stability & change as absolute rather than relative opposites, he generates a system that cannot grasp the anatomy of historical change. Modified HA