Publications of C.N. Bredillet

Integrative Methods in International Management Education

Globalization impacts all firms and institutions operating in a marketplace, where interactions across cultures and continents are increasingly commonplace. Businesses and organizations expect their employees to be able to interact with members of other cultures, and function well in multicultural team projects. These trends present challenges for universities; in response to which many institutions began to internationalize their curricula. In this current paper, we examine some of the challenges inherent throughout this internationalization process, identify relevant models to assist in the operational steps to be taken by institutions, and propose some practices and specific elements that have direct relevance and impact for academic as well as professional audiences. We emphasize the value of integrative approaches, as well as the crucial importance of cultivating a global mindset, in order to assist educators and institutions in their efforts to provide students a more competitive and appropriate preparation for a global marketplace . Keywords: cross-cultural management, cross-cultural education, multicultural education, international management, business simulation, curricular internationalizations, global mindset