Publications of Laks, A.

Betegh G. Socrate et Archélaos dans les Nuées. Philosophie naturelle et éthique. In: Laks A, Saetta-Cottone R, editors. Comédie et philosophie : Socrate et les présocratiques dans les "Nuées" d'Aristophane. Paris: Éd. Rue d'Ulm; 2013.

Le probleme des representations visuelles dans la cosmologie presocratique: pour une histoire de la modelisation

The paper discusses the early history of three-dimensional cosmological and astronomical models. It suggests that such models were not simply illustrations but also played an important part in the formation of cosmological theories. It tries to trace the early history of models starting with Cicero's testimony in De re publica I,14 and then moving backwards in time. The main stages of the discussion are Epicurus against the astronomers of Cyzicus, Eudoxus, Plato's Timaeus and Republic, the equipment in the Phrontisterion in Aristophanes' Clouds and Parmenides. Finally, it defends the testimony that Anaximander was the first to build a cosmological model.