Publications of Urbańczyk, P.

Sághy M. The making of the Christian kingdom in Hungary. In: Urbańczyk P, editor. Europe around the year 1000. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo DiG; 2001. p. 451-64.

The making of the Christian kingdom in Hungary

Discusses the political and diplomatic steps taken by Stephen I to ensure his coronation on 1 January 1001 by Pope Sylvester II, drawing particularly on the chronicle of Hartvic of Győr.

Sághy M. Aspects de la christianisation des Hongrois aux IXe – Xe siecles. In: Urbańczyk P, editor. Early christianity in Central and East Europe. Vol 1. Warszawa: Semper; 1997. p. 53-66. (Christianity in East Central Europe and its relations with the West and the East; vol 1).