Publications of Fonagy, P.

There must be more to development of mindreading and metacognition than passing false belief tasks

We argue that while it is a valuable contribution, Carruthers’ model may be too restrictive to elaborate our understanding of the development of mindreading and metacognition, or to enrich our knowledge of individual differences and psychopathology. To illustrate, we describe pertinent examples where there may be a critical interplay between primitive social-cognitive processes and emerging self-attributions.

Affect regulation, mentalization, and the development of the self

Introduction -- pt. 1. Theoretical perspectives: Attachment and reflective function : their role in self-organization ; Historical and interdisciplinary perspectives on affects and affect regulation ; The behavior geneticist's challenge to a psychosocial model of the development of mentalization -- pt. 2. Developmental perspectives: The social biofeedback theory of affect-mirroring : the development of emotional self-awareness and self-control in infancy ; The development of an understanding of self and agency ; "Playing with feality" : developmental research and a psychoanalytic model for the development of subjectivity ; Marked affect-mirroring and the development of affect-regulative use of pretend play ; Developmental issues in normal adolescence and adolescent breakdown -- pt. 3.Clinical perspectives: The roots of borderline personality disorder in disorganized attachment ; Psychic reality in borderline states ; Mentalized affectivity in the clinical setting -- Epilogue.